Tunisia, support of the strike by the FGAT-UGTT on November 1

Gabriele Guglielmi

FILCAMS CGIL International Policies Coordinator

Thank you for sending on the following message today:


To M Mohamed Naceur, Minister of Social Affairs
cc M. Mehdi Houas, Minister of Commerce and Tourism
M Mohamed Belajouza, President, Tunisian Hotel Federation
M Mohamed Ali Toumi, President, Tunisian Federation of Travel Agencies

Dear Sirs

I write in support of the strike by the FGAT-UGTT on November 1. It is unacceptable that the UGTT has concluded 51 collective agreements for workers in the private sector, but that hotel and tourism workers are still waiting to conclude an agreement for workers in one of the country’s most vital sectors. I urge you to take all necessary action to ensure that good faith negotiations take place immediately to secure an agreement acceptable to the union.

Yours sincerely

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