Stop human rights violations at Kabirwala!

Gabriele Guglielmi

Thank you for sending on the following message today:

To Paul Bulcke, CEO
CC Jean-Marc Duvoisin, Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Enrique Rueda, Corporate Employee Relations Managerge
Dear Sirs

I am outraged to learn that management at the Kabirwala dairy factory in Pakistan is criminalizing the union’s fight for the rights of hundreds of contract workers at the plant. More than two hundred contract workers have been dismissed, workers protesting their situation have been violently attacked and 80 contract workers now face criminal charges for defending their legal right to direct, permanent employment, as does president Mohammad Hussein Bhatti.

I call on you to act to ensure that all charges are dropped against the Kabirwala contract workers and that all those dismissed are reinstated and made direct, permanent employees in accordance with the law. Charges must be dropped against union president Bhatti and management must cease its interference in the union.

Yours sincerely

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