Solidarietà al lavoratori olandesi del pulimento

Dear Gabriele Guglielmi

Thank you for sending on the following message today:

Dear Hans, Anton and Norma,
Dear clients of the cleaning companies,

Thousands of cleaners are in their largest strike ever in the Netherlands. Their Marches for Respect have made a big impression around the globe. They don’t ask for millions or for huge bonuses. They just want ordinary things like sick pay, enough time to finish the job and a fair wage to take care of their families. With your billions of euros in turnover and hundreds of million of profit and your high-paid executives and expensive communication advisors that shouldn’t be a problem at all for you. The cleaners are putting money in your pocket, Hans, Anton and Norma! They deserve a fair wage and decent standards. They even convinced some big clients, including the railroad company, to spend more money on cleaning.

What more do you want? The Netherlands and the world want the cleaners to be treated fairly and respectfully. Don’t let us down; take responsibility. Give the cleaners what they deserve: more respect, appreciation and fair conditions.

Yours sincerely,

Gabriele Guglielmi