Brussels,20th November, 2000
Circular 53/2000

-To the Members and Deputy Members of the ECF-IUF Executive Committee
-To the ECF-IUF Member Organisations

Re: Euro-demonstration Nice 6 December 2000

Dear colleagues,

As you will probably already have been informed, a large Euro-Demonstration is planned by ETUC, taking place during the EU summit in Nice, France, on 6 December 2000.

The demonstration intends to call upon the Heads of State and government officials to change the focus of European policy; to adopt a far-reaching social agenda, to forge a policy of full employment and to ensure that the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights will become a legally binding document. In short: to create a true social and citizens’ Europe.

We strongly urge you to consider taking part in this important demonstration. The route of the demonstration, which will take place in the Eastern part of the town, has now been agreed upon and will be as follows:

Place de la Brigue, Route de Turin, Avenue de la République, Place Garibaldi, Rue Cassini, Place Ile de Beauté, Boulevard L. Walesa, Boulevard de Riquier, Boulevard de l’Armée des Alpes, Boulevard St. Roch, Place Saint-Roch (ending point).

The assembly point will be on the Place de la Brigue.

The demonstration will start at 13:30.

The head of the demonstration will be composed of a block of trade union leaders and will be preceded by a group of stewards. The ETUC will make plastic cloaks available with the ETUC logo as well as banners and will prepare slogans and leaflets.

A total of about 60,000 demonstrators is expected in Nice.

Please inform our secretariat and the ETUC if members/officials of your trade union intend to be present at the demonstration and how you intend to travel to Nice. We will then send you any necessary details regarding parking of buses, arrival times of trains etc.

For your information we have enclosed the “Appeal for the Euro demonstration’ prepared by the ETUC, which summarises the main objectives of the demonstration.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Nice on 6 December 2000!

Yours sincerely,

General Secretary