reinstate workers taken off roster for refusing to accept wage cut!

Coordinamento Politiche Internazionali della FILCAMS CGIL

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Dear Sir/Madam

I am shocked to learn from the IUF that five women working at the Davenport Hotel in Dublin have been removed from the roster and therefore effectively locked out for refusing to accept a reduction in pay from €8.65 an hour to €7.79.

This was done without the workers, who come from Lithuania and Poland even being given a copy of the proposed new contract, either in English or their own languages. Other workers at the hotel, also mainly migrant workers, did sign new contracts under pressure from management.

This action flies in the face of assurances given by Finance Minister Brian Lenihan last November that under the new legislation existing employees would not be forced to sign new low pay contracts.

I urge you to immediately reinstate these five workers to the roster with no reduction in wages.


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