Press Conference Open Corporation Ranking: will be presented November 16th 2017 in Brussels

open corporation ranking 2017

Presso Conference Open Corporation Ranking at 12.00h

in ITUH, International Auditorium, Boulevard Roi Albert II n. 5

200 multinational companies under observation: from Adecco to Ryanair and Volkswagen, Autogrill, Amazon and Enel; European, South American and Asian companies being compared on: transparency, accessibility of data, civil and union rights, social, environmental and financial responsibility.

The information regarding every single company will be publicly available from November 16th, including financial and social balances, global and EWC agreements, awards and complaints, data gathered and assessment. 

(a test version will be available until November 16th)

Aligns and compares companies, measuring their behavior within a sector and country.

Italian Version