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# OpenCorporationRanking: a constantly evolving ranking on multinational corporations’ transparency

opencorporation   has entered its final phase. During the course of the next weeks, 100 companies will receive the invitation to participate to the #OpenCorporationRanking è which will be published on November 16 2017.

Here is what the ranking looks like as of today:

100 multinational corporations are being observed, in alphabetical order from ABB Ltd. to Volkswagen AG. The following data is available:

-         Financial and social balance

-         EWC agreements

-         Data collection sheets precompiled by the staff

Other rankings on different aspects are available concerning the first 100 companies currently included in the test phase:

Seven rankings on specific aspects:

Social Responsability!social-responsibility

Social Dialogue!social-dialogue

Working Conditions!working-conditions



Accessibility for disabled people!accessibility-for-the-disabled


In addition to three Transparency indexes 

Each of these rankings is publicly available. Users may access and download them, and sort them out by position or score, alphabetical order or country of origin. ( N.A.C.E classification )

Out of 100 multinational companies being observed, we have selected the first three (podium) out of each of the eleven published rankings.

This initial sample is composed primarily by European TNCs (transnational companies) amounting to roughly two-thirds of the sample. It is interesting to note that no Asian companies are on the podium, and only a very little amount of American ones:

Region                        Tot                  Podium %

UE                   66                   94

Americas        26                      6

ASIA               8                       0

In the three transparency rankings: web transparency, transparency of social balance, synthesis of the two previous rankings, at least six companies make it to the podium

TNC Transparency                            Events

ENEL S.p.A.                                      2

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.      2

Schneider Electric S.E                     2

Adecco Group                                               1

Autogrill Spa                                     1

Kering S.A.                                        1

Tot                                                     9

While at least thirteen companies make it to the podium in one of the eleven general rankings: #Adecco #Allianz_SE #Assicurazioni_Generali  #Autogrill_Spa #CBC_Television #ENEL_Spa #Fiat_Chrysler_Automobiles #Kering S.A. #Marriott International_Inc. #Salini_Impregilo_Spa #Schneider_Electric S.E #Telefónica_S.A.  #UniCredit_Spa

TNC                                                   Events

UniCredit S.p.A.                                8

Adecco Group                                   4

Autogrill Spa                                     4

Schneider Electric S.E                     4

Salini Impregilo Spa                         3

ENEL S.p.A.                                      2

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.      2

Allianz SE                                         1

Assicurazioni Generali SpA             1

CBC Television                                  1

Kering S.A.                                        1

Marriott International Inc.              1

Telefónica, S.A.                                 1

“11 Ranking”                                      33

A look at the macro-sectors. Some sectors (mining, transportation and legal services, accounting) and Conglomerates don’t make it to the podium; the industrial and commerce sectors rarely make it to the first positions; while it seems Finance, utilities, services and telecommunications, constructions and tourism obtain better positions in proportion to other participants

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Download HERE pdf opencorporationranking press release with charts.

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