# OpenCorporationRanking: the new updated version on transparency of multinational companies is out


# OpenCoprporationRanking, The new updated version on transparency of multinational companies is out, here is the top five: #Schneider Electric S.E #ENEL S.p.A. #Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. #Kering S.A.

The OpenCorporation  project (http://opencorporation.org/en/  )  has just launched its new ranking on multinational companies’ transparency, enlarging its scope from 100 to 140 observed companies, with the aim of reaching 200 by mid September.

Transparency of multinational companies is operationally based on two indicators:

1)      Web transparency index, meaning the availability of online information considered by the projects’ partners to be key to determine transparency of information in a company;

2)     Social Reporting Transparency Index, or the availability of a specific set of information obtainable by consulting the companies’ social accounting.

Transparency is  a precondition to obtain an improved position in the trade union ranking, which is the main objective of the OpenCorporation (http://opencorporation.org/en/ranking-opencorporation) that will be presented the 16th of November in Brussels and will concern a total of 200multinational companies.

The inclusion of an additional 40 multinational companies  (http://opencorporation.org/en/indice-trasparenza ) has modified the previous ranking and strengthened some interpretation modalities. Regarding general transparency, the new ranking confirms the first positions to Schneider Electric S.E, ENEL S.p.A., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. and Kering S.A., and witnesses the entrance in the top five by Danish Crown Amba immediately followed by ENI Spa (with scores always above 50).

The new web transparency ranking has witnessed a large number of new entries in the top five, in particular we’d like to highlight the position of United Parcel Service (UPS), American Express Company, Air France-KLM S.A., Heineken N.V. and Barclays PLC, while the first positions are held by Volkswagen AG and Schneider Electric S.E, and the Italian ENI Spa e Autogrill Spa.

Transparency is tied to social accounting

(http://opencorporation.org/en/indice-trasparenza)  doesn’t report any important change in the first positions, and confirms  ENEL Spa and EDF as the highest ranked.

In a sector comparison, transparency is at its highest in production and energy distribution, fashion and finance (with indicators close to 50) while it is at its minimum in activities tied to the so called #gig_economy (scores below 30).

A comparison by country shows how multinational companies with its HQ in the EU (average score 40) are more transparent of their competitors from the U.S.A (average score 35) and Asian (average score 31). In the EU, Danish and Italian companies are the most transparent, the least transparent ones are the German companies.

The comparison between two different transparency indicators confirms that, even on a wider sample, companies on the web tend to show a set of information that is homogeneous in terms of volume and quality. While transparency based on social reporting is inevitably more heterogeneous due to different modalities of social accounting, and therefore the comparison is not homogeneous.

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