Open Corporation: The transparency index of multinational companies updated to September 1st 2017 has been released


The transparency index of multinational companies updated to September 1st 2017 has been released

The updated version of the transparency index of multinational companies is available at with the addition of 40 companies; currently, the observed companies amount to 180, by mid September this number will increase to 200, and they will all be running for the #OpenCorporationRanking, the trade union ranking that will presented in Brussels on November 16th.

The transparency index is operationally based on two indicators:

1)     Web transparency index (!web-transparency-index )  showing the degree of online availability of essential information which may allow to determine the transparency in terms of information of a company;

2)    Social Reporting Transparency Index (!social-reporting-index ) measuring a set of available information through consultation of various forms of social accounting the company has, or doesn’t have in place.

 The interaction between these two indicators results in the Transparency index:!transparency-index

 Transparency is a precondition for reaching a higher position in this trade union ranking, the main objective of the project (see test version, released in April, and limited to a group of 100 companies ).

The transparency index, which we release today to the public, is not intended to represent the behavior of multinational companies, but instead is aimed at measuring the degree of “openness” of a company based on the amount of available data, and therefore its “accessibility”.

Here are the results of including an additional forty multinational companies.

Transparency index: the new ranking confirms the first positions of Schneider Electric S.E, ENEL S.p.A., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., Kering S.A., and Danish Crown Amba, followed by ENI Spa. Among the new entries, it is worth noting Henkel AG & Company, which places itself in 8th position, together with Airbus Group SE and Carrefour S.A., already previously included in the ranking.

Regarding the Web Transparency Index, the Henkel AG & Company places itself 3rd, reaching Volkswagen AG. United Parcel Service (UPS) and Danish Crown Amba maintain the first positions. Among the new entries, a highlight is the good positioning of Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. — Petrobras which places itself side by side with American Express Company and Air France-KLM S.A.

The transparency index referring to “social accounting” (Social Reporting Transparency Index) sees the first positions maintained by Henkel AG & Company and Halliburton. When comparing sectors, it is confirmed that companies operating in the so called “Gig economy” are the least transparent even though they base their added value on accessibility of information.

European multinational companies are more transparent overall, but asymmetrically depending on the country and sector of origin.

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