Le Attività Multinazionali e CAE - Multinational activities and EWC

NH, project for the unionization and costitution of EWC

Roma, 7 ottobre 2008

Object: NH, project for the unionization and constitution of EWC

Kerstin Howald (EFFAT)
Fernando Medina Gomez (FECOHT-CC.OO)
Giovanni Pirulli (FISASCAT-CISL)
Emilio Fargnoli (UILTuCS-UIL)

e p. c.Ron Oswald (IUF-UITA)
Francisco Dominguez Villalon (UGT-CHTJ)
Emilio Ferrero (UGT-CHTJ)
Maurizio Scarpa (FILCAMS-CGIL)

In occasion of the event organized by UGT-CHT the day 27th september 2008 during the world tourism day, I have met in NH Palacio de Ferrera in Avila: Ron Oswald, Francisco Dominguez Villalon and Emilio Ferrero.

Considering that NH is one of the 9 hotel chains of the unionizing project by IUF-UITA and that NH is present mainly in Spain, but that, with the acquisition of the Italian chains: FraMon and Jolly Hotel it is the biggest Italian hotel chain, I proposed to develop a common project to unionize the NH chain.

We agreed on:

-the opportunity of developing such project involving also FECOHT-CC.OO, FISASCAT-CISL, UILTUCS-UIL;

-the opportunity to start the procedures for the constitution of the EWC engaging EFFAT, and FECOHT-CC.OO, FISASCAT-CISL, UILTUCS-UIL and the european union organizations affiliated and where NH is more present: e.g. Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria.

Hoping you agree with these proposals, and with the objective of planning a meeting with all the interested operative Organizations, I ask your availability to participate in this initiative.

Kind Regards.
Gabriele Guglielmi