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E-mail circular
Geneva, November 6, 2009

To all affiliates in the HRCT Sector
(EC and Regional Secretaries for information)

Concerns:New IUF/LabourStart McDonalds website

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

In collaboration with LabourStart we are planning to launch a networking website for McDonalds workers and unions globally. The site will be promoted through the IUF and LabourStart email networks of over 80,000 unionists around the world. The ‘McJobs’ site, will enable McDonalds workers to exchange their experiences of working in McDonalds, and share information about their working conditions. The site will be launched in January 2010. To help with this, we will shortly be contacting you to collect stories and information about your activities within McDonalds. To facilitate this process, we would be grateful if you could send the following information to Lisa Eldret, HRCT Coordinator lisa.eldret@iuf.org.

  • Information about the level of unionisation within McDonalds.
  • Information about the working conditions of McDonalds workers.
  • The name and contact details of the person within your union responsible for organising and representing McDonalds workers.

In solidarity,

Ron Oswald
General Secretary