Mu.M.M.I.A, Workshop Paris, 12.12.2012, Agenda and documents



CFDT Cadres
Union confédérale des ingénieurs et cadres
47, avenue Simon-Bolivar 75950 Paris,
salle 28, Bâtiment Bolivar

10.30Registration and Introductory welcome

Héléne Deborde – FGA CFDT
Gianluca Iacoangeli – Filcams CGIL

11.00MuMMIA Project Presentation and aims
Massimo Mensi – Filcams CGIL

11.30Coffee Break

    12.00 A “Decathlon multinational perspective”

    Report by Isabella Liguori – Workers’ representative for Filcams CGIL

    12.20 Panel session, questions and answers on topics

    All participants

    13.00 Lunch

    14.00 A “Danone multinational perspective”

    Report by FGA – CFDT

    14.30 Quick introduction and view of the 30/2009 directive and introduction to the “project” questionnaire

        Prof. Volker Telljohann – IRES CGIL Researcher

    15.30 Collection of the filled questionnaires

    15.30Panel session on ewc’s, transnational issues and questionnaire

    All participants – Volker Telljohann

    16.30 Conclusions

    Gianluca Iacoangeli and Massimo Mensi – FILCAMS CGIL
    Hélène Deborde – FGA CFDT