Libérez le dirigeant syndical ivoirien Basile Mahan Gahé!

Coordinamento Politiche Internazionali

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Dear President Ouattara,

On April 26, Basile Mahan Gahé, general secretary of the national trade union center Dignité, was arrested at his Abidjan home and taken into detention. The union office was sacked, and many union officers have gone into hiding. On June 2, he was transferred to a prison in Boundiali, where he is reportedly subjected to a harsh regime.

We are deeply concerned for his safety and physical integrity. Basile Mahan Gahé’s detention is a violation of international law and of your own commitment to national reconciliation, and I accordingly demand his immediate and unconditional release as well as firm guarantees for his physical safety. I will closely follow your government’s actions in this regard.

Yours sincerely

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free Dignité general secretary Basil Mahan Gahé