il progetto prende forma – Questions for McDonalds outreach to affiliates

Questions for McDonalds outreach to affiliates

  • Do you have a national agreement with McDonalds?
  • Is McDonalds part of a national sectorial agreement?
  • How many workers are there?
  • Is there a dialogue between McDonalds management and the union at a national level?
  • What is the attitude of management towards the union?
  • What is the situation regarding Health and Safety?
  • How would you describe workers in McDonalds? (average age, employment status, Apprentices?
  • What is the turnover of staff?
  • Does the company use agency workers?
  • What is the level of unionisation within the company?
  • Do you think that the website for McDonalds workers is a good idea? How should we promote the site?
  • What data should be on the website?