HORECA Social Dialogue: planning of 2011 meetings

To all EFFAT members of the EFFAT-HOTREC Social Dialogue Steering Committee + to the EFFAT member organisations in Italy, Hungary, Malta and Spain

 Dear Colleagues, 

At the last EFFAT-HOTREC SSD plenary meeting on 3 December 2010, EFFAT and HOTREC took the decision to submit an application for funding under the “Leonardo da Vinci Programme” (to try) to obtain financial resources for the experimentation of the QSP.

We will have the help of an external expert in the preparation of the application.

The expert will provide us by the beginning of the year with a first project outline and an overview of requirements for the application.

The deadline for applications to the Leonardo Programme is 28 February 2011, we therefore also agreed to change the date of the next SSD Steering Committee meeting initially scheduled for 24 February 2011 to 28 January 2011, to give us the occasion to discuss the project with all those concerned and leave us enough time to finalise the application.

We propose that the members of the Steering Committee AND the social partners of the pilot countries participate in the meeting on 28 January 2011.