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Historic agreement between Amazon and sector unions.

amazon in sciopero

The first trade union agreement between Amazon and workers represented by sector trade unions, including Filcams Cgil, was signed in Piacenza (on the Castel San Giovanni site). An agreement to be considered “historic” for the innovations introduced in terms of work organization and economic recognition supplementary to the collective labor agreement.

The agreement was signed today, May 22nd, on behalf of the workers who voted in the referendum held by the unions following five assemblies. Approximately one third of those entitled participated in the vote; just under 70% of those voting in favor of the agreement. The details of the agreement will be presented at a press conference tomorrow May 23rd.
“We are satisfied with a result that is currently unique in Europe – underlines Massimo Mensi, who for Filcams Cgil Nazionale follows the Amazon disputes – that we hope will pave the way for the opening of many other discussion tables in all the countries where Amazon has its headquarters”.
The guiding principle of the agreement is fairness, with a redistribution of workloads that removes the obligation for some night or afternoon workers, with a fairer reorganization between all workers and coverage of weekend shifts.

The agreement will run for one year, starting on June 17th, and will set a first deadline four months after its introduction, in order to monitor closely the results achieved.”

“The agreement provides that night work is initially carried out only by voluntary employees, providing, among other things, an increase of 25% of the compensation under the employment contract – explains Mensi – resorting to picking for the shift among all workers only if the necessary coverage was lacking.”

In addition, in the distribution of weekend service, the shift will be marked on the basis of eight weeks, with 4 consecutive free weekends and shifts alternating between Saturdays and Sundays.

“We are facing an extremely important agreement – underlines Maria Grazia Gabrielli, General Secretary of Filcams Cgil Nazionale – also in the light of the strikes and protests of last November, when on the occasion of Black Friday many employees crossed their arms to ask for lighter working conditions and less impact on private and family life. An agreement that can now pave the way for new corporate relationships on issues of health and safety of the workplace.”