freedom for all Haft Tapeh union members!

Coordinamento Politiche Internazionali

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To His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed “Ali Khamenei, Leader of the Islamic Republic
To His Excellency Ayatollah Sadeqh Larijani, Head of Judiciary
To His Excellency Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President

Dear sirs

Your government continues to arrest, imprison and victimize members of the Haft Tapeh Sugar workers Union for democratic trade union activity which is protected under international law. President Reza Rakhshan was sentenced to 6 months in prison for “spreading lies” on December 1 by the Court of Appeal in the city of Ahvaz. On November 18, three Haft Tapeh members – Behrouz Nikoufard, Alireza Saeed, and Behrouz Molazadeh – were convicted and sentenced to 6 months in prison by the Ahwaz Court of Appeal on charges of “showing disrespect to the Supreme Leader”. Five Haft Tapeh officers convicted last year, Ali Nejati, Gorban Alipour, Mohammad Heidari, Jali Ahmadi and Feridun Nikfar have been fired from their jobs and expelled from their homes after having served their unjust sentences.

We call on your government to immediately and unconditionally drop all current and past charges against all Haft Tapeh officers and members and to have them reinstated to their jobs and their homes. I am closely following your government’s action in this regard.

Yours sincerely

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