Filcams-Cgil does not acknowledge the signature on the Commerce sector Collective Contract

Rome April 7th, 2011

To Regional and Territorial Filcams
To Via Serra
To Cgil Nazionale

Filcams-Cgil does not acknowledge the signature on the Tertiary-Distribution-Services contract that “ratifies” the separate agreement of 26th February between Confcommercio, Fisascat-Cisl and Uiltucs-Uil. We are facing a completely arbitrary conclusion of the negotiation for the renewal of the sector contract, which was possible due to the lack of rules regarding representativeness of contractual subjects and a lack of respect towards the most elementary of democratic norms, the vote of workers.

Filcams-Cgil, the most representative sector union, which has not agreed upon the contract, had proposed to carry on with consultations followed by a certified vote of workers, the result of which would have been totally accepted. Cisl and Uil have opposed this proposition, refusing to apply what was being asked by their own confederations during the agreement with Fiat in Pomigliano, and Confcommercio has started behaving like Pilate, accepting that a completely arbitrary act could take place.

This event, which follows that of mechanics and more recently public workers, demonstrates that a system of union relations is not sustainable without a legislation regarding representativeness and representation. Filcams-Cgil, as already done within the Confederation, requests that measurement of the actual representativeness level should be a preliminary condition for union actions, most of all with regard to bargaining and validation of reached agreements.

For these reasons, the signature on the separate agreement does not represent for Filcams-Cgil the conclusion of the renewal agreement of the National Labor Contract Tds 2008.

Filcams-Cgil will carry on during the next days with the consultation of workers to explain the reasons which led to not signing, and will continue to promote mobilization initiatives in working places and territories, for the defence of economic conditions and norms which have been worsened by the separate agreement, and keeping strong our commitment towards an increased transparency and quality of the bilateral and contractual welfare systems.

For Filcams Cgil Nazionale
Secretary General
Francesco Martini