ETUI- UNI Europa Commerce: Sustainability in the retail sector

Bruxelles 5 JUNE: training seminar

What does sustainability mean for workers and their representatives in the retail sector? Is sustainability reporting addressing the key concerns of workers? Can worker participation rights and framework agreements be used to make working conditions more sustainable?

Up to now the debate on company sustainability has been dominated by management and the rating agencies. The purpose of this one-day workshop is to give participants an overview of the main practices use to evaluate and report on the sustainability of working conditions in the retail sector. Best practice cases will be identified where worker representatives have used these tools in the interests of workers. Finally, a “workers’ agenda” for influencing the sustainability debate to improve working conditions will be developed.



09.15Introduction of participants and purpose of workshop (Vitols and Demaître, ETUI and Warneck, UNI Europa)

09.45Session 1: How do the rating agencies analyze working conditions in retail?
Presentation by Vigeo or the Global Reporting Initiative
Reaction: are worker concerns addressed by rating agencies? (Warneck, UNI Europa)

11.15Session 2: How does company sustainability reporting work?
An overview of sustainability reporting practices in the retail industry (Vitols, ETUI)
Comments by a worker representative on a “best practice” case

14.00Session 3: How can framework agreements improve working conditions?
Presentation on best practice case(s)

15.45Session 4: How can we make sustainability more relevant for workers?

      Panel with EWC reps from major European retailers

(Moderation: Demaître, ETUI)

17.00Feedback from participants + conclusions

17.30 End of workshop