Draft Agenda, Luxembourg, 21 October 2002

Meeting of the European Trade Union Liaison Committee on Tourism

Luxembourg, 21 October 2002

10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Draft Agenda

    1.Adoption of the agenda
    2.Report on activities

Kerstin Howald, Coordinator

    1.Transnational companies in the travel and tourism sector

Recent developments with regard to the setting up of European Works Councils

e.g. Thomas Cook, MyTravel, LSG Sky Chefs

    1.Sustainability and Tourism
        • Commission document “Agenda 21 for European tourism”
        • ETLC position paper on sustainability and tourism

    2.Tourism Events

        • European Tourism Forum, 10 December 2002
        • ETLC Conference on enlargement
        • EU – Mediterranean Conference

    3.Health and safety risks for tourism workers

Report on the findings of a Danish study

Aage Jensen, RBF

    3.“What kind of jobs in Tourism?”

Proposal for a follow up of the study

    4.ETLC Work programme 2003
    2.Other business