Dismissed KFC union activists

Gabriele Guglielmi

Thank you for sending on the following message today:


Mr. Milind Pant, Managing Director, Yum Restaurants International (Thailand)

Mr. David C. Novak, Chairman and CEO

Subject: Dismissed KFC union activists

I was shocked to learn that management of KFC Thailand has dismissed three trade union activists Apantree Charoensak, Krit Suang-aranan and Siwaporn Somjit from their employment at KFC in Thailand after workers formed a union and submitted a proposal to negotiate for a collective agreement. In addition to this, management then harassed and intimidated workers to try and get them to turn against the union and refused to negotiate with the union.
These actions clearly constitute a breach of both internationally acknowledged labour rights and Thai labour law.
I call on you to immediately reinstate the three trade union activists, cease intimidation and harassment of workers exercising their right of freedom of association, recognize the union and start negotiations in good faith with union representatives.

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