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Decent work for European youth, Kick-off MEETING

Progetto: Decent work for European youth – active methods and best practices

KICK OFF MEETING, January 10th & 11th 2013
In Copenhagen, Denmark
Venue: FIC, Teglværksgade 27, 1st Floor, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Thursday, January 10th:
12:00 Welcome, registration and introduction of partners.
12:45 Lunch
13:30 A presentation of the Danish/European situation by an external expert (TBC).
Topic: decent work for youth in Europe/Denmark.
14:00 Presentation, goals and aims of the common project: “Decent Work for European Youth –
active methods and best practices” by the lead partner FIC.
14:30 Round table with comparison of experiences regarding decent work for youth in Denmark,
Ireland, Italy and Belgium/EU.
During the round table each partner will be able to further define the target group for the
15:15 Coffee break
15:30 Round table continued: What are the best practices in the area? National/transnational case
16:00 Specific tasks and next steps for partners and summarization.
17:00 End of the meeting
18:00 Dinner for participants, arranged by FIC.
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Friday, January 11th:
09:30 Revision of the workplan. A slight delay has occurred due to the project start and the actual
grant date and the workplan ought to be updated accordingly.
10:30 Planning of the first Youth Meeting in Copenhagen, July 2013.
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Planning of desk studies for each partner country (template, framework and content).
Information about administrative aspects of the project by Carsten Nielsen, FIC.
13:15 Planning of video clips (DK, IE and IT) and project website (hosted by Solidar).
14:00 Coffee break
14:15 Organizing of Project Manager and Youth Representative meetings in partner countries.
15:00 End of the meeting