Calypso Widens Europe’s Travel Horizons

October 27th‐28th, 2011
Calypso Widens Europe’s Travel Horizons
Casino Estoril, Salão Preto e Prata
Avenida Dr. Stanley Ho
Edifício Casino Estoril 2765-190

Thursday 27th October, 2011
9.00 am – Registration
9.30 – 10.30 Opening Session
“Discovering Portugal” – Interactive video
Welcoming Addresses by Portuguese Authorities
Vítor Ramalho, President of INATEL Foundation
Luís Patrão, President of Tourism of Portugal, IP (tbc)
Pedro Mota Soares, Portugal Minister of Solidarity and Social Security (tbc)
Key Note Speech
“The CALYPSO Preparatory Action: Latest Initiatives in Widening Europe’s Travel Horizons”
‐ Alan Vella, Tourism Unit, European Commission
10.30 – 11.00 Coffee‐break
11.00 – 12.45 Social Tourism as an Economic Driver
Panel I ‐ The Economic Impact of Social Tourism
“Economic Impact Studies Concerning Portuguese Social Tourism Programmes”
‐ Celeste Eusébio, Aveiro University, Portugal
“European and Spanish Overtones Concerning the Economic Impact Study of Europe Senior Tourism”
‐ Javier Bustamante, SEGITTUR, Spain
“Does Social Tourism Make Economic Sense and Cents?”
‐ Yves Godin, OITS, Floreal Club, Belgium
Moderator: Vítor Ventura, INATEL Foundation, Portugal
Panel II ‐ Success Stories from Portugal
“In what ways can Social Tourism be beneficial to hotels?”
‐ João Luís Soares, Hotel D. José
“Has Social Tourism benefitted your business activity?”
‐ Domingos Silva, Casino da Figueira
“Does the cultural sector of business gain benefits from social tourism in the low season?”
‐ Luís Aleluia, Artistic Director at Cartaz‐Theatrical Productions company
Moderator: Paulo Canário, INATEL Foundation, Portugal
Rapporteur Morning Sessions: Teresa Caldarola, Calypso Expert Group Member
12.45 – 14.00 Lunch (Foyer Casino Estoril)
14.00 ‐ 15.10 Panel III ‐ Implementing Calypso: Update on the Four Calypso Projects
Joanna Tomczak, Member of EST Project
Caroline Socié, Project leader SOWEL
Danny Silva, Project leader AAAE
Giovanna Degrassi, Project leader URTS
“Reflections on the Four Calypso Projects”, Constanze Adolf, EUFED
Moderator: Anna Quartucci, EFFAT
15.10 – 15.30 Coffee Break
15.30 ‐17.00 Panel IV ‐ Implementing Calypso: Perspectives on the Future of Calypso
The Public Sector Perspective
‐ Rui Paulo Calarrão, Director INATEL Social, INATEL Foundation, Portugal
The Industry Perspective
‐ Lars Thykier, Managing Director, Association of Danish Travel Agents and Tour Operators
The Sustainability Perspective
‐ Jean‐Pierre Martinetti, Directeur Général, Cité de la Culture et du Tourisme Durable, Gréoux‐les‐Bains, France
The SME Perspective
‐ Klaus Ehrlich, General Secretary, Eurogites
Debate, with the participation of Calypso Expert Group Members
Moderator: Alan Vella, European Commission
Rapporteur Afternoon Sessions: Agnes Reti, Calypso Expert Group Member
17.00 – 17.15 Closing Session
Teresa Caldarola and Agnes Reti, Rapporteurs, Calypso Expert Group Members, Summary Report
Alan Vella, Tourism Unit, European Commission
19.00 Departure to Sintra (At hotel)
20.15 Gala Dinner at “Palácio da Pena” (Sintra)
22.00 Return to Estoril (Hotel)

Interpretation: English, French and Portuguese
Participation on the 27th October: Free (Through Registration)

Friday 28th October, 2011

Experiencing Social Tourism in Portugal – Participation in Senior Tourism Activities and Programmes

9.30 Departure, using Senior Tourism Transport
Understanding the economic importance of Social Tourism Programmes.
10.15 The “Port wine Mansion‐house”
The importance of the thematic routes as part of a senior tourism itinerary
‐ Paulo Canário, INATEL Foundation, Portugal
Coffee‐break: Port wine tasting
11.15 Departure for the Lisbon Oceanário ‐ destination place of seniors groups
12.00 Senior Tourism in Portugal ‐ Video
Interview with Rui Paulo Calarrão, Director of Social Tourism programs of INATEL.
12.30 The Oceanário
13.15 pm ‐ Lunch

Interpretation: English and Portuguese
Participation on the 28th October: By Invitation Only